• An academic essay is a concentrated piece of writing that presents an idea or argument through evidence, analysis, and interpretation.

    You can write many types of essays as a student. The content and lengths of essays will vary depending on the level of your studies, what you are studying, and what course requirements. In our blog we share the best essay tips and writing ideas. Stay tuned!

  • A book reading essay is a chance to academically review the works of other writers. You will be sharing your experience and encounter with the book to convince the reader that he also should peruse the book. Your perspective and description of the subject you choose to discuss in the book will determine whether the reader will look for the book to read.

    An essay about my favorite book sounds easy because each has a title he can write about. However, you must create a paper that sounds unique and compelling enough. It is a simple yet complicated topic to write about.

    Simplified guide and sample of an essay on reading books

    • Choose a book

    The world has witnessed millions of books. You have also read hundreds of titles by the time you are in college. However, you cannot write about all these books. It is time to choose the one book that will form the subject of your paper.

    Choose an interesting book to read. From the title to the characters and plot, everyone should want to read the book based on your description. Avoid academic books unless it has insightful intellectual ideas that a scholar would want to read.

    Literature books are the best to choose for such an essay. Autobiographies and biographies also rank among the best picks for my favorite book essay. The stories and characters in such books are relatable. The books do not come with technical language that would be difficult for a reader to understand.

    • Craft an essay title

    Craft a title for your essay. A title provides directions on the subject you will discuss in my favorite book essay. Make the title as interesting as possible. It is the title that entices people to read your work.   

    • Read other essays on books

    Check for quality samples of very interesting books essays. The samples guide you on such elements as to how to craft a topic, choose a book, structure the essay, and draft it, among other aspects of writing. The sample should come from a credible source like the library. You could also discuss the sample with your tutor to ensure that it meets the required standards.

    • Reread the book

    Read the book again before writing your paper. While it is the most interesting book to read and you could have read it several times in the past, you need to look at it from the perspective of your title. For instance, if you intend to discuss the characters, you will review the characters in detail, enabling you to write a better paper.

    Write down the outstanding points that will go into your essay. Use these points to create an outline. Your description will be more accurate and clear if you can remember the storyline afresh.

    Sample of my favorite book essay

    Becoming – The First Black First Lady of the United States

    A lot has been written about the first Black American president of the United States. However, little attention goes to the first lady. Always seen by his side, Michelle Obama has her place in history.

    Becoming is a story about the place of women in the world. Michelle wants every girl to see possibilities. She encourages women to assert their authority and take their positions, not as though they are begging.

    It is interesting to read the story of her childhood years and how they shaped her life. It negates all the tales of a princess. For women today, it is a journey worth looking back on with pride.

    • Hire an essay helper

    A helper will make writing such a paragraph about reading an easy task. You do not have to worry about rereading the book or the structure to adopt. The helper will deliver the most captivating essay in hours.